Mindful Yoga For Teens and Adults

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Mindful Yoga for Teens and Adults introduces a seated mindfulness practice featuring breath and body awareness and the Bowspring alignment to encourage students to live in their bodies in a more functional way.

In today’s society, bodies are drawn forward as we hold devices, slump at desks, use laptops and drive vehicles. The front body gets tight and the back body gets slack. Bowspring remedies this imbalance.

The Bowspring is a curvy posture of readiness, which brings lightness and openness to any functional position. In class, students learn a variety of dynamic postures and learn how to make any movement or common posture like standing, sitting or walking, fluid and dynamically powerful for optimal functionality and radiant health. Come turn your yoga practice upside down and experience Bowspring.

Teen classes integrate Mindful art, and are for Grades 9-12.


Adult classes feature the option for China Gel, an all-natural healing agent to be applied to the neck, shoulders and lower back. The application of China Gel and then the option to rest for 15 minutes prior to class is a highlight for many adults who come to Mindful Yoga sessions looking to be pampered and looking to unwind before Mindfulness and Bowspring.

Adult Yoga Classes Victoria BC
Teen Yoga Classes Victoria BC