Laurie Piazza Access Bars Victoria BC

I am a Certified Yoga Instructor, a Mindfulness Instructor and an Access Bars ® Facilitator based in Victoria, BC. A single mother of three grown-up children, I understand the complexities of today’s world. For me, the combination of daily mindfulness, Bowspring and regular Access Bars ® treatments are the key to a healthy, joyful life.

My Mindful Yoga classes feature a seated mindfulness practice, Bowspring alignment, a revolutionary postural practice for optimal health, and a theme or word of the week. Students leave the mat with a cleansed body, a new outlook on life, and a joyful, centered soul.

Access Bars ® treatments are about an hour in length and involve the client having 32 points on the head lightly touched to release old programming, limitations and stuck thinking. The bars correspond to things like joy, sadness, time, aging, money, healing, creativity, peace, calm and much more.

I hold a number of additional certifications including Rainbow Kids Yoga Training, Yin Yoga Training and a Mindful School Curriculum Training, Access Bars ® training as well as energy work in EFT and Geotran.

I believe that mindful living is a path toward harmony and happiness. The techniques I practice and teach help move the mind away from searching for short-lived and unsatisfying pleasures towards true, lasting contentment and happiness.